Become a Training Provider

Find out more about the application process

We’re delighted that you’ve shown an interest in joining Lantra. As you’ll appreciate, as an organisation that’s founded on a commitment to quality and fairness, before engaging with any new Provider partner, we must first be confident that they are going to complement our existing offer or deliver something new or niche which supports sector businesses. 

To ensure neither Lantra, or you as prospective Provider partner, waste valuable time and resources, we adopt a simple two-stage application and review process.


Stage one involves the collection of key information (see below). Once this is satisfactorily provided, we’ll send you our Stage two full application pack (usually within 3 weeks).  


Your application will undergo a standardised quality review. If your application is successful, we’ll be in touch to begin more detailed discussions. Sadly, we are unable to contact unsuccessful applicants.

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Required Key Information

  • Please specify the Lantra Training and/or Qualifications you are interested in delivering.
  • Approximately how many Learners do you aim to register per month/year?
  • Do you have an existing customer base looking for Lantra Training and/or Qualifications?
  • Do you, or your staff, have the skill sets to become Lantra approved to instruct and assess Training courses or Qualifications? (See Become an Instructor/Assessor)
  • Are you currently approved with another Awarding Organisation?  If so, please provide details of products you deliver for them.
  • Are you wishing to have your own courses approved and certificated by Lantra? If so, can you please set out an overview of these courses or course.
  • Please provide a link to your website.